Welcome to Silver Line Cattle Company

We hope you enjoy our new web site.

Silver Line Cattle Company is a family farm operation calving roughly 200 cows each year near the north shores of Sylvan Lake, Alberta.   We have developed our purebred herds over a number of years.   

Our Gelbvieh breeding programs has been developed with some angus outcross influence.  Our goal has been to raise a strong blend of production and maternal traits but we have always placed emphasis on disposition.   The rule we have is that "anything that moves faster than we do does not get to stay in the herd".   We've found over the years that not only are docile cattle better to work with but they have also statistically posted better gains.   We have found much of our success in providing our local market with big bred heifers with incredible maternal traits.       

Thanks for visiting, we'll be posting more as time allows, so check back for updates!